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    Jay Campbell

    Jay Campbell

    Owner - TRT Revolution

    Jay Campbell is the Amazon bestselling author of The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual, a 17 year TRT patient and respected thought leader on Hormonal Optimization. Jay is the founder of and the TRT Revolution Podcast which are the definitive resources for all things Testosterone, Anti-Aging and Life Optimization. Jay is also a champion male physique competitor and the co- founder of number #1 site on the web for ‘Fit over 40’ information.

    Jay and Jim Brown consult with aging men and women on ultimate life optimization. Jay and Jim in partnership with visionary entrepreneur Joshua Smith also offer a unique line of supplements essential for living a hormonally balanced and fully optimized life.

    Jay and Jim also write for Iron Man Magazine as the resident Anti-Aging and Over 40 Fitness Columnists. Jay lives in Southern California with his wife Monica and is the father to two beautiful girls, Alexandra and Gabriella and bonus dad to Monica’s daughter Alana and son Evan.