TRT Revolution offers multi-expert coaching for Men and Women on Anti-Aging, TRT/HRT, Nutrition, Fat Loss or Any Training or Fitness Goal!

Meet Your Expert TRT Revolution Coaching Team

Work with three Fabulously Fit individuals who have mastered the art of anti-aging, hormone optimization and human performance!

Jay Campbell is a Champion Men’s Physique Competitor and the best selling author of The Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual. As a 17 year TRT patient, Jay is a master at manipulating and tweaking the human endocrine system to optimize performance and health

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Jim Brown is an elite athlete with over 21 years of experience in every aspect of body transformation and elite performance. Jim’s goal is to transform your view of nutrition, training and HRT so you can become analytical, informed and continue to make informed choices beyond consultation.

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Monica Diaz is a multiple time Figure and Bikini Champion and specializes in coaching women in slowing the aging process and mastering a positive mindset to create a life filled with gratitude. She helps clients optimize hormones, improve energy levels and maximize life from all aspects.

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Maximize your Aging Process from all aspects including:

Training – Gain functional strength and improved muscular density with a precise training strategy designed for you specifically

Nutrition – Learn how proper nutrition will maximize your health, improve body composition and minimize the effects of age

Physique Augmentation – Lose body fat and gain muscle mass with precision programs that produce visible results immediately

Mindset – Master the secrets of an empowering mindset-allowing you to reach your full potential

See What Clients are Saying

Thank you for helping me change my life for the better! This week marks one year for me following your training, hormone and diet protocols. I appreciate everything you have done for me in my life.


As a 48 year old man, and successful entrepreneur, I’ve taken my fair share of ‘Test Boosters etc”. I reached out to Jay and then began a program with him for about 4 months. I started out at 12% body fat. We optimized my hormones (I started a TRT protocol of 210 mg per week average) and cleaned up my diet. I used the workout regimen Jay recommends along with the medical advice and care of Dr. Brett Osborn. I experienced substantial increases in strength in the Squat, Bench Press, Overhead Press and Deadlift. The final two weeks of working with Jay, he prepared me for a photo shoot. I followed a specific diet plan and successfully dropped my bodyfat percentage to 5.5% and felt great with lots of energy! Jay’s plan was 100% backed by science, and it worked exactly as he said it would!


I started consulting with Jay close to a year ago. Although many people close to me would have considered me a successful person, behind closed doors I felt anything but. The energy I had felt in my early 20s was all but gone and here I was not even 30! I couldn’t imagine what I was going to feel like by the time I reached middle age! I literally watched before my eyes as my social life, confidence, and muscle mass slowly but surely slipped away. Jay advised me on TRT and helped set up a consultation with a physician. Did you ever wonder what life would be like if you could go back to being 20, with the knowledge you have now? Well that’s exactly what TRT allowed me to do!

With the proverbial eye of the tiger I attacked every area of my life that I had let slip by. With Jay mentoring me along the way I was able to not only put on 15lbs of muscle while losing fat, but transform my social and dating life to heights I had never achieved. With Jay’s help I was able to get the excitement and energy back in my life that everyone should feel. He helped me realize I didn’t have to just accept aging and there were logical steps I could take to combat it. With his help and guidance I’m now able to relive those younger years with the maturity of a healthy, hormonally optimal, 30 year old man.


Maximize Your HRT, Nutrition, Workouts and More


TRT Revolution offers multiple coaching packages to help you transform your life, body and much more. Choose the coaching package that’s right for you:

20 Minute Introductory Coaching Call – $349
One 45 Minute Monthly Coaching Call – $499
Two 30 Minute Monthly Coaching Calls – $650
Weekly (4) 30 Minute Coaching Calls -$1000

Bi-monthly and weekly video coaching available. Contact for details.

Still Want To Know More?

Click here to read Iron Man Magazine’s in-depth interview with Jay Campbell – Testosterone: The New Normal. You’ll learn about Jay’s experience with TRT, how men can tell if they should get tested, what TRT can do for you and much more.